Trading Advisory-Option

“Index Positional Option trading” is our flagship product based on precisely reading of Nifty & Banknifty Option Charts by our technical analysis team. We suggest 20 to 28 quality trade in a year with 88 to 90% accuracy based on the trend in the market. We always buy in the money (ITM) option with proper position sizing & robust risk management system.

Under this service, we don’t trade in the non-direction market because option premium tends to go down due to time decay & we may lose the wart even without fighting. So, when market likely to move in one direction, then only we trade’s option as option buying is pure momentum game. We as professionals in identifying the trend even before it starts, without momentum option buying is like fish without water.
Before entering in an option trade, we examine the three things –

1. Risk: Reward (Must be 1:2 to3)
2. Momentum
3. Clear trend


Service  Charges - 


Quarterly ( 3 Months )  -  Rs 75000 

Half Yearly ( 6 Months )  -  Rs 135000     ( 10% discount )

Yearly ( 12 Months )  -  Rs 250000     ( 17% discount )


Note - Pay 50% in advance & rest 50% after first successful trade.

"" We cover our all services under 'Service Guarantee Scheme', for more detail kindly call us.""


Past Performance

Date Script Trade Target Stop Loss Profit / Loss Exit / Date
March 5th BNF Buy BNF at 27590 Open 27120 Profit Exit on March 14th at 29040
March 22nd NF Sell NF at 11502 Open 11651 Loss Exit on March 26th at 11514
April 16th NF Sell NF at 11827 Open 11992 Profit Exit on April 24th at 11671
May 7th NF Sell NF at 11624 Open 11783 Profit Exit on May 14th at 11247
May 17th NF Buy NF at 11418 Open 11270 Profit Exit on May 20th at 11797
June 6th BNF Sell BNF at 30870 Open 31350 Loss Exit on June 10th at 31109
June 17th NF Sell NF at 11786 Open 11920 Profit Exit on June 19th at 11695
July 17th NF Sell NF at 11684 Open 11866 Profit Exit on July 19th at 11446
July 19th NF Sell NF at 11522 Open 11692 Profit Exited on July 23rd at 11366