Millionaire club

Millionaire club is a customized Client Trading Account Consulting Service based on “HNI” Traders requirements & most suitable for those “HNI” Clients who have Big Money ( Rs 50 Lacs to 5 Cr ) but no time to make a trade, So here Nifty Team Millionaire club comes in the picture.

If you are joining Millionaire club then you no need to worry about anything, we will take care completely from Analysis to Trade Execution (only assistance, it’s not PMS).

 Minimum  Investment  –  Rs  50  Lacs  to   Rs 5  Cr

Maximum   Potential  Risk  –   30% to 40%  in  a  Year

Potential   Returns  –  180%  to  240%  in  a  Year


If you are an “HNI CLIENT” and looking for the best return in the market without wasting your precious time, you must think of joining hands with us, We will work for you.

Call us, we will discuss in detail for our long-term business relationship.







Disclaimer –  Derivatives ( Future & option ) are a very risky instrument, high possibility of full capital loss. Above given numbers are just potential expectations, actual results might vary. If you are aware of the risk involved in derivative trading then only join our services. we do not claim or offer any guarantee returns in the stock market. we do not force any client to join our services, if you are joining our services it means you are coming with your full consent. we are not responsible for any losses occurring during your service period. Our job is to provide the best possible service from our side. If during service clients doing some misbehave activities with our team members, then we keep the right to terminate his/her service on the spot. We do all Clients KYC before starting the service.