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Who we are …..

Nifty Team is a Bangalore based trading / learning platform to help retail traders in performing their trading activities in most profitable way. Nifty Team took birth in 2012, when a fresh MBA graduate started his trading carrier. He was totally new to the trading world & decided to find out some unique trading system which possess trading edge, consistency & must be profitable. He named it “Wealth Creation System” & started working on it.

                                                                                                           After 3 years of rigorous research & analysis, he came up with one prototype, it was quite successful but not that much scalable. He started lots of modification & continuous improvement in it. Finally he was ready with “wealth Creation System”, the most consistent with superior trading edge.

                                                                                                                             He started trading based on this system & results were very much positive with 70 to 80% accuracy rate. He thought of sharing this trading system with the retail traders & Nifty Team practically took birth in 2015. From 2015 to present day numerous traders got benefited & success stories are on….

Pillars of Nifty Team Success –

  1. Quality trade over Quantity trade
  2. Emotion control , Discipline & Patience over Impatient
  3. Trade only when market favors us with great Risk: Reward opportunity
  4. Follow the trend & utilize it to the maximum
  5. Operating with very robust Risk Management & Position Sizing system
  6. Understand the clients requirement & deliver accordingly
  7. Focus on “Clients First” policy, so no compromise on service delivery.