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Who we are …..

Nifty Team is a Bangalore based trading / learning platform to help retail traders in performing their trading activities in the most profitable way. Nifty Team took birth in 2012, when a fresh MBA graduate started his trading carrier. He was totally new to the trading world & decided to find out some unique trading system which possesses a trading edge, consistency & must be profitable. He named it “Wealth Creation System” & started working on it.

                                                                                                           After 3 years of rigorous research & analysis, he came up with one prototype, it was quite successful but not that much scalable. He started lots of modification & continuous improvement in it. Finally, he was ready with “wealth Creation System”, the most consistent with the superior trading edge.

                                                                                                                             He started trading based on this system & results were very much positive with 70 to 80% accuracy rate. He thought of sharing this trading system with the retail traders & Nifty Team practically took birth in 2015. From 2015 to present day numerous traders got benefited & success stories are on….

Nifty Team started paid advisory services ( only to derivative trading risk aware clients )from June 2018 with an aim to help & educate Retail Traders.

Disclaimer – 

Derivatives ( Future & option ) are a very risky instrument, high possibility of full capital loss. If you are aware of the risk involved in derivative trading then only come for our Derivatives Advisory Service.

we do not claim or offer any guaranteed returns in the stock market. we do not force any client to join our services, if you are joining us, it means you are coming with your full consent & responsible for your all profit & losses.

We are just Advisor, not Magician 

Consulting Fee once paid is not refundable




Pillars of Nifty Team Success –

  1. Quality trade over Quantity trade
  2. Emotion control, Discipline & Patience over Impatient
  3. Trade only when the market favors us with great Risk: Reward opportunity
  4. Follow the trend & utilize it to the maximum
  5. Operating with very robust Risk Management & Position Sizing system
  6. Understand the client’s requirement & deliver accordingly
  7. Focus on “Clients First” policy, so no compromise on service delivery.